SportDOG 425 Field Trainer

Product Description:

The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 is now available from RETRIEVER WORLD and offers an incredible array of features at a remarkable price! Both the handheld transmitter and collar receiver are compact and easy to handle (transmitter is 3.3 oz. and the collar receiver is 2.2 oz.) and offer the range and features you need.

The FieldTrainer 425 has seven levels of stimulation, plus a tone/vibrate option that is instantly selectable. The FieldTrainer 425 expands to three dogs, and a great new feature of this unit is it maintains the tone/vibrate feature if you are running one, two, or three dogs. It easily attains its promised 500 yards in range and is completely waterproof and shockproof - it's definitely designed for demanding field conditions.

We like the compact size and weight of the handheld transmitter, and find it's very comfortable to wear around your neck with the supplied lanyard, keeping it readily available for easy access and one-handed operation when needed.

Another really great feature of this unit is that, when the transmitter is set in MODE 7, the side button can be used to remotely control the new SPORT DOG LOCATER BEEPER.


SportDOG 425 Field Trainer
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Price $169.99