Smartwork No Cheating DVD by Evan Graham

 Evan Graham's No Cheating Drills

A special course focused on De-cheating retrievers; land & water! With special emphasis on the resourceful use of Cheating Singles, plus much more!

It is a complete course in training your retriever to take straighter, truer lines in even the most tempting situations.

The DVD demonstrates the correct teaching and correction methods to help working retrievers be more honest in taking and carrying lines on land and in water.

DVD Chapters Include

  • What is Cheating?
  • Common cheating situations
  • How Dogs React
  • The value of handling
  • Where to start
  • Using Swim-by
  • Shore breaking; entries
  • Complex cheaters
  • The law of diminishing returns
  • Making corrections
  • After corrections Casting into Water
  • Maintenance


Smartwork No Cheating DVD by Evan Graham
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