REVOLUTIONARY WORLD'S FINEST  high performance Hunting Vest.


This vest has the benefits of an extra durable, waterproof exterior with a smooth, light fleece lining for maximal comfort.

The vest covers the entire chest, as well as the top portion of the front legs.

 This will prevent chest and upper leg injuries/cuts due to thick brush or fine grass.

4 way stretch material that moves with your dog. Breathable, does not cause overheating. Machine Washable-easy to put on/off.

Our Sports Vest is made from a durable, waterproof exterior shell that is tough enough to protect your dog from the harshest conditions. Unlike most vests on the market, our garment covers the entire chest and upper legs to prevent wounds or damage to the chest and underarms.
Our unique, multi-purpose Sports Vest can be used for general warmth, walking/jogging/hiking safety, cross country skiing, and hunting.

This Hunting Vest will change your ideas about performance dog apparel. We know you will agree that we ARE OFFERING  by far, the best Hunting Vest in the world.

Please use the chart below to order your size.



2 10-22 lbs
3 23-35 lbs
5 36-49 lbs
7 50-63 lbs
9 64-80 lbs


81 lbs-100lbs


12 Over 100 lbs

Why is this garment better than other vests?

We have combined the durability of a breathable, tough outer shell and Cordura chest shield with a flexible, soft micro-fleece lining. The garment protects the sensitive chest and upper front legs from sharp grass, bushes and debris. We have had hunting dogs run through barbed wire, or attempt to impale themselves on corn stalks--but have been saved the suffering (and owners expense) of severe injury.

Is the garment waterproof?

The exterior shell is waterproof. The inner lining is NOT. The lining will dry quickly, but while the garment CAN be used in the water, it is not a neoprene vest INTENDED for water use.

How does the garment go on the dog?

Unzip the back of the garment and loosen the Velcro around the neck. Place the garment over the head. Slide the front legs through the sleeves and zip along the back.

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