Smartwork Puppy Program DVD for all retriever puppies.

Evan Graham's Smartwork Puppy Program DVD is designed to teach retriever puppies the foundation for the first critical six months of their life. This  foundation is so important.

Watch and see all the tips, tricks and techniques to prepare your dog to be a hunting retriever.

The topics in this DVD are.
Socialization and Beyond

General Field Protocols

Beware of Excesses

My Puppy Program

How To: Tasks and Skills

Operant Conditioning

E-collar Conditioning

Introducing Puppies to Feathers

Introducing Puppies to Bumpers & Artificial Game Birds

Puppy Marking

Introduction to Gunfire

Introduction to Water & Water Marks for Puppies

Decoy Introduction ...and More!

This DVD is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.




Smartworks Puppy Program DVD
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