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Evan Graham's Full Smartwork DVD Package Special includes a total of 9 DVDs:

  • Smartwork Puppy Program
  • Smartwork Obedience
  • Smartwork Basic Handling
  • Smartwork Water Force & Swim-By
  • SmartFetch Discs 1 & 2
  • Smartwork Transition Volume 1
  • Smartwork Transition Volume 2
  • Smartwork Transition Volume 3

    Smartwork Puppy Program:

    Evan Graham's Smartwork Puppy Program is designed to properly see you and your pup through the critical first six months of life: Marking, socializing, obedience, and much more -- all the tips, techniques, and tricks of raising and conditioning your puppy to prepare him for his formal training. Includes:
  • Socialization and Beyond
  • General Field Protocols
  • Beware of Excesses
  • My Puppy Program
  • How To: Tasks and Skills
  • Operant Conditioning
  • E-collar Conditioning
  • Introducing Puppies to Feathers
  • Introducing Puppies to Bumpers & Artificial Game Birds
  • Puppy Marking
  • Introduction to Gunfire
  • Introduction to Water & Water Marks for Puppies
  • Decoy Introduction ...and More!

    Smartwork Obedience:

    Smartwork Obedience is a hands-on guide to formalizing obedience commands for working retrievers. It features step-by-step instruction with detailed video illustration of forcing techniques. It also covers fundamental obedience commands, including e-collar conditioning to here, de-bolt, heel, sit, kennel, etc.

    Smartwork Basic Handling:

    Step-by-step instructions and problem solving for all basic handling drills. This course includes trouble shooting for problems common to dogs going through T work, all in complete detail. Includes:
  • 3-handed casting
  • Mini-T
  • Single T
  • Double T

    SmartWork Water Force & Swim-by:

    Water Force is the compelling and influence that causes the dog to enter the water. Water Force is the final phase of force fetch. Evan treats water force as a component of force fetch because water force training comes closer to that description. No matter how much your dog appears to love water, unless retrieving in water becomes a structured function, a lot of things can happen that impede efficient retrieving. Water forcing clears the air about typical problems dogs usually tend to run into, and provides a terrific co-benefit: They end up with an even better attitude about water than they began with!

    Swim-By is the controlled return of your retriever in water, during which the handler requires the dog to take a "more-water" return to enforce water/shoreline discipline. The dogs trained on this video are at the level of training where water force and swim-by would normally be taught.

    SmartFetch: (2 discs)

    The entire Smartwork force fetching system from "Hold" through force to pile!

    The SmartFetch DVDs are a complete video guide on how to correctly Force Fetch your hunting dog from start to finish. Force fetch is more than just one thing. It is a definable process with clear goals. But, within the process are several steps or phases.

    Mouth habits include such important items as fetching on command, even when your dog may be distracted, or moody, or any number of things that might interfere with compliance. Sure, you may get away for years without having such problems, but being smart and being lucky are not the same thing. Force fetch gives you a tool to handle this when it comes up, plus some insurance that it is less likely to come up due to this training.

    Smartwork Transition Volume 1:

    Features Early Transition Drills from Smartwork 1 & 2 and more. Includes:
  • Multiple Honoring, and Other Steadiness Drills & Procedures
  • Walking Baseball
  • 3-Legged Pattern Blinds
  • Wagon Wheel Drills
  • Bird Boy Blinds
  • Four-Phase Drill
  • Zig-Zag Drill
  • Stickman Drills with Mixed Single, Double, & Triple Marks
  • Retired Gun Stickman Drill

    Smartwork Transition Volume 2:

    Includes the following Mid Transition Drills from Smartwork 1 & 2 and more:
  • Tune up Drills
  • Swim-by in Tune up's
  • Tune up Drill #1
  • Tune up Drill #2
  • Blind Attitude
  • Cheating Singles
  • Walk around Blinds
  • KRD: Key Relationship Drill
  • Primary Marking Concepts
  • Land Diagonal Drill
  • Gradient Blind Drill
  • Cast-into-water Drill
  • No-hands Back Drill

    Smartwork Transition Volume 3:

    Late Transition Drills from Smartwork 2 and more. Includes:
  • Advanced Tune-up Drills
  • Cast Off Points
  • Check-down Drills
  • Chair Drill
  • Split Drill
  • Advanced Mark & Blinds
  • Journal Keeping
  • Choosing Factors
  • Blinds: Beginning, Middle, End
  • Handling / Casting Tips


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